Boomer Padded Buffer 100/180

REF: IC6023061

Product description:

The Boomer Buffer has a grit of 100/180. A buffer is a thicker file that feels like a sponge to the touch, absorbing and controlling the pressure applied during filing. Consequently, this type of file is gentler on the surface. The Boomer Buffer is flexible, making it easy to eliminate any irregularities and protrusions on the nail surface.

The Boomer Buffer is perfect for smoothing the surface of gel or acrylic enhancements. Typically, it is used after shaping the nails with a regular file. The Boomer Buffer is recommended as the final step for gel or acrylic enhancements, either before applying the gel top coat or for polishing acrylic nails. It is always used as the last step before applying Brisa Gloss or PlexiGel Protector Top Coat.

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