News Sequential


Product description:

The Complete Hands-Free Slimming Station

The NEWS Sequential is the only equipment capable of simultaneously and selectively treating superficial, deep, and localized fat with exclusive technologies – all non-invasively. Manual probes may be used during the lipolysis phase, activated by the plates.
Easy to handle thanks to the addition of highly ergonomic features. The hands-free treatments, combined with the localized effects of the two manual probes, guarantee a high degree of both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The CAVITA-LYSE probe is used manually on limited, highly overweight areas in order to visibly reduce the volume of adipose tissue.

The 10 low-frequency ultrasound plates act mechanically on surface fat by activating the process of metabolic lipolysis. With their 30 points of impact, they work on reducing the appearance of “orange peel” on skin and allow for the treatment of very large areas in a single session.

The 2 medium-frequency ultrasound plates stimulate the nerve endings of the sympathetic system, which, by induction, promote lipolysis of the lower layers and, in this way, the removal of deep fat.

The radio frequency (RF) probe allows significant tissue firming without surgery. Today, this technique is essential.

Features & Specifications:

  • 4 Complementary effects
  • Reduction of localized fatty deposits
  • Lipolysis of superficial fat
  • Lipolysis of deep fat
  • Tissue firming and smoothing
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