Podo Mix 3M


Product description:

Podo Mix 3M is designed to provide maximum comfort for the client and allow the practitioner to change the working position. The Podo Mix 3M base starts from a very low min. height to a considerable max. height. Featuring an adjustable zak headrest anatomic mattress and flat armrests.

Features & Specifications:

  • 3 electric motors for height, back and trendelenburg adjustment
  • Fire retardant, “Azo” free, antibacterial and antifungal mattress covering
  • Manually adjustable legrests with inclination, extension and 90° rotation
  • Standard foot pedal control with automatic reset function
  • Entirely enclosed in ABS covering
  • Wide selection of class 1IM fire-resistant coverings
  • Standard mattress with flat armrests and zak headrest
  • Rotation 180°
  • 116 kg
  • 202 × 74 × 49 cm
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