Ultimate Obsidian Box


Product description:

The Ultimate Black Obsidian contains two unique tools, including the Gua Sha with a protected design in Black Obsidian, created in collaboration with the renowned French facialist Delphine Langlois.

This set will allow you to stimulate, lift, sculpt, and decongest your skin in the most effective way. Unlike what we are used to seeing, this set is made of Black Obsidian, a volcanic rock stone extremely charged with energies and having properties recognized for years. Each shape of our tools has a very particular use in order to provide you with the best massage effects.

Benefits: Black Obsidian is particularly known to be a stone that cleanses and grounds, it is a balancing and powerful healing stone, it heals and protects while bringing clarity.

Features & Specifications:

  • 100% Natural Black Obsidian Stone
  • Chemical Free
  • Untreated and Unblended
  • Sculpts & reshapes the face, neck, and décolleté deeply
  • Effectively stimulates and drains
  • Accelerates healing

Ideal for:

It soothes tight skin

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