Halo Compact


Product description:

Halo Compact is the innovative product that combines the multiple benefits of salt therapy with a complete multisensory experience. This cutting-edge device has been designed to offer Halotherapy sessions enriched with customizable music, aromas, and color cycles.

With its elegant and refined design, Halo Compact features bricks made of Himalayan salt, illuminated by colorful light that creates captivating cycles of illumination. This combination of visual and olfactory elements creates a relaxing and immersive atmosphere, allowing you to fully indulge in your moment of well-being.

The technology behind the salt therapy treatment is based on the nebulization of microscopic particles of crystalline salt contained within Halo Compact. When activated, this process releases the antibacterial properties of salt into the air, providing numerous benefits to the body, strengthening the immune system, reducing stress, and alleviating muscle tension.

Halo Compact is also highly practical to use, thanks to its integrated wheels that allow for easy transportation between rooms. This makes it a versatile and functional product, capable of adapting to your needs at any given time.

Discover the full potential of salt therapy combined with music, aromas, and color cycles with Halo Compact. Treat yourself to a unique multisensory well-being experience that will help you achieve a sense of harmony and vitality.

Features & Specifications:

  • Saline nebulizer
  • LED lighting system for customizable color cycles
  • RGB synchronization via cable with other Iso Benessere equipment
  • Display for viewing data and setting customizable parameters
  • Electronic control of working temperature
  • Electronic chronothermostat for programmed switching on of the heating system
  • Integrated Mp3 player with song storage on SD memory
  • Aroma diffusion kit
  • Swivel wheels
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