Neptune Battery/Vichy Shower Package

REF: TA82005

Product description:

Fully equip your wet room and save time and money! Package includes Neptune Motorized Wet Table w/ Closed-Cell Foam Pad, 8-Head Vichy Shower w/ Handheld Shower, Contour Facespace w/ Neptune Pillow, Wet Spa Bolster, Non-Slip Floor Mat and Massage Top Converter (padded vinyl top for dry treatments).
2 yrs. warrenty on replacement parts for frame/structure
2 yrs. warrenty on replacement plumbing parts

Features & Specifications:

  • Stainless steel tube with 8 showerheads, 72” long standard, 96” optional
  • Rotates 80° each direction from wall mount
  • Individual shut-offs for each showerhead
  • Showerhead spray pattern adjustment
  • Metal showerheads
  • Acrylic wall mount cover
  • 3/4” Thermostatic mixing valve
  • Water temperature thermometer
  • Handheld shower with 79” hose
  • Individual volume control valve for rainbar and handheld shower
  • Acrylic valve box cover
  • 3/4” flexible supply hose from valve to rainbar
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