Nova Professional Massage Table Package


Product description:

The Nova™ boasts the very best client access in the industry with OAKWORKS®’ unique access end panel. The Nova™ portable massage table is constructed from the finest materials in the industry and is The Nova™ is built to last a lifetime. The Nova™ has been the preferred choice among massage professionals for over 25 years.
Nova Professional Accessory Package Includes:

Features & Specifications:

  • The Nova massage table
  • Oakworks Professional Carry Case
  • Quicklock Face Rest Platform
  • Boiance Face Rest Crescent
  • 6″ Semi-round Bolster
  • Arm Hammock Available in Pewter fabric color only
  • Width: 29″, 31″ or 33″
  • Length: 73″
  • Height Range: 24″34″
  • Foam: Aero-Cel, Plush
  • Fabric: TerraTouch
  • Weight Capacity: 550 lb.
  • Weight: 29 36 lbs
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