Nuage™ Salon Table Cuvée Cabinetry

REF: L100002

Product description:

This table has been designed from the ground up for ultra-reliability and minimal maintenance requirements in the most intensive spa environments.

Features & Specifications:

  • Includes NEW, ultra-durable Comfort-Flex™ upholstery
  • Synchronized Electra-Glide Lift Actuators
  • Fully articulating electric salon top with rounded corners
  • Programmable hand and foot controls
  • Strata 4″ Memory Foam Cushioning System
  • Cross braced steel frame
  • Cuvée Cabinetry
  • PowerPort™ power management system
  • Salon Style Neck Roll
  • Width Options 30″ and 32″
  • Length 73″
  • Height Range 25″-37″
  • Recommended Lift Capacity: 625 lbs
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • CE Mark
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