Pedi Spa


Product description:

Pedi Spa is the high-level pedicure station with an integrated professional hydromassage system thanks to the 4 plantar jets and 6 lateral jets for a complete spa pedicure treatment.
The chair, completely adjustable, makes Pedi Spa perfect to do at the same time pedicure, manicure and facial treatments. The oval shaped tub allows the practitioner to easily work in front of the client and on each side of the tub.

Features & Specifications:

  • Perfect for Pedicure, manicure and facial treatments
  • 6 lateral jets and 4 plantar jets for a professional, vigorous and effective hydromassage
  • Seat with sliding, reclining and swivel functions
  • Oval basin, designed to allow the practitioner to remain seated in front of the customer
  • Entirely adjustable foot rest
  • Easy, practical and fully-functional control mechanisms
  • Water sanitation mechanism with ozone-based antibacterial action
  • PediSPA Eco version available (4 jets)
  • 129 kg
  • 145 × 96 × 137 cm

Ideal for:

Spa manicure and pedicure treatments, foot hydromassages, esthetic manicures, esthetic pedicures, paraffin treatments, scrubs and foot massages.

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