Portable Massage Table Pregnancy

REF: CT559019

Product description:

This product is a pregnancy massage table that adapts to the specific circumstances of your patients. In order to optimally increase the well-being of women, especially during pregnancy, this table has particularly soft padding.
The removable padding element ensures that the stomach and chest can also be relieved in the prone position. The large, continuous belly cut-out contains a flexible tension belt fabric to ensure the necessary support from below and to prevent the baby bump from sagging freely. The extra thick padding of 76 mm underlines the feel-good character of the comfortable massage table.

Features & Specifications:

  • Pregnancy belly hole section that is closable
  • Including support net made of flexible tension belt fabric
  • Chest hole section that is closable
  • Extra soft padding
  • Lying area: 184 x 76 cm
  • Material: wood
  • Padding: 76 mm, two-layer, wellness
  • Load capacity: 240 kg
  • Weight: 18.5kg
  • Artificial leather: PU oil-resistant, skin-friendly
  • Height adjustment: screw knobs
  • Working height: 61 x 86.5 cm
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