Caldera Hot Stone Warmer

REF: CT430413

Product description:

The CALDERA products can be easily integrated into any modern practice facility and any Spa area. The organic lines and the modern white of the housing never make the Hot Stone heating device appear intrusive or expansive.

Clever details | relaxed hot stone application
The highlight that distinguishes this warming device from others is the intelligent detailed solution of the power connection. Much like a kettle, the base stays in place while you can take the Hot Stone pot to your kitchen sink for cleaning or filling.

The aluminum inner container has a non-stick coating and can be easily cleaned with a damp microfibre cloth. In regions with particularly hard water, it is advisable to briefly boil the device (put the device in water on the highest level with a finger width for several minutes) with a few dashes of vinegar to remove even stubborn limescale.

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