All In, #516 – 15ml

REF: CRP92363

Product description:

CREATIVE PLAY™ Gel Polish – easy 3-step system, the perfect choice for using color, whether on gel, resin, or natural nails.
Its fine viscosity gives the nails a slender appearance and is quickly removed during the filing of the modelling. CREATIVE PLAY™ Gel Polish can also be used on natural nails.

CREATIVE PLAY™ Gel Polish has a flat, rounded brush to allow for perfect polish application.

Application: CREATIVE PLAY™ Gel Polish catalyzes both in the CND™ UV lamp and in the CND™ LED lamp. CND UV lamp: catalyze the base for 20 seconds, the colors and the top coat for 2 minutes. CND™ LED lamp: cure base for 20 seconds (button S2), cure colors for 1 minute (button 2S) and cure top coat for 2 minutes (button 3).

Removal: on the natural nail: If you use CND™ Offly Fast Moisturizing Remover, the removal time is 20+ minutes. on the product: CREATIVE PLAY™ Gel Polish can be easily filed.

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