100 Colors 7,3ml + Starter Nail Care Kit + LED lamp


Product description:

100 Colors Kit with LED Lamp. Perfect for a start!

Colors included:
Cream Puff, Negligee, Wildfire, Tropix, Black Pool, Tundra, Be Demure, Masquerade, Rubble, Pink Bikini, Indigo Frock, Asphalt, Dark Lava, Temptation, Hypnotic Dreams, Safety Pin, Cherry Apple, Magical Topiary, Bare Chemise, Vagabond, Unearthed, Decadence, Fedora, Eternal Midnight, Nude Knickers, Cityscape, Denim Patch, Lilac Longing, Blue Eyeshadow, Cap & Gown, Salmon Run, Field Fox, Cake Pop, Winter Glow, Pink Pursuit, Tartan Punk, Tined Love, Sultry Sunset, Red Baroness, Naked Naivete, Viridian Veil, Berry Boudoir, Unlocked, Pacific Rose, Whisper, Steel Kisses, Peacock Plume, Terracotta Dreams, Studio White, Clearly Pink, Beau, Cashmere Wrap, Romantique, Ice Bar, Unmasked, Uncovered, Clay Canyon, Baby Smile, Satin Pajamas, Chance Taker, Arrowhead, Grapefruit Sparkle, Strawberry Smoothie, Candied, Blush Teddy, Fragrant Freesia, Mauve Maverick, Rose Bud, Gotcha, Tutti Frutti, Hot Pop Pink, Butterfly Queen, Magenta Mischief, Ecstasy, Mambo Beat, Offbeat, Ripe Guava, Lobster Roll, Hollywood, Hot Chilis, Rose Brocade, Kiss of Fire, Garnet Glamour, Rouge Rite, Bloodline, Oxblood, Plum Paisley, Silk Slip Dress, Uninhibited, Poppy Fields, Married to the Mauve, Oceanside, Books & Beaujolais, B-day Candle, Hot or Knot, Desert Poppy, Sweet Cider, Devil Red, Bellini

Features & Specifications:

  • 1 CND LED Lamp
  • 1 SHELLAC™ Base Coat
  • 1 SHELLAC™ Top Coat (Xpress)
  • 1 TopFinish Cleanser
  • 1 ScrubFresh™ 222ml
  • 1 Cuticle Away
  • 1 SolarOil 15 ml
  • 1 Cuticle Eraser 15g
  • 1 Offly Fast Remover 222ml
  • 10 Remover Wraps
  • 1 CND Kanga lime 240/240
  • 1 Cuticle Pusher
  • 1 Cuticle Cutter
  • 1 ProSeries Gel Brush #6
  • 1 Manicure Stick
  • 1000 Nail tissues
  • Marketing banners and posters
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