3X Sculpt Facial Tool

REF: TB053

Product description:

This revolutionary facial tool is a 3-in-1: de-puff with an under eye roller, drain and relieve tension with a gua sha, chisel with a wand. Introducing the new 3X Sculpt Facial Tool, the ultimate facial tool that offers endless sculpting benefits. With each gentle glide across your face, neck and shoulders, this rose-gold tool visibly tones, chisels, and stimulates your skin, unveiling a new level of definition and radiance that lasts throughout the day. Perfect for all skin types, this non-invasive, anti-aging tool should be used daily for optimal results. The 3X Sculpt Facial Tool pairs perfectly with our Pure Radiance Oils.

The 3X Sculpt Facial Tool has an advance roller design that works to contour, tone and stimulate the skin. Carefully crafted with Zinc Alloy which naturally de-puffs, cools and soothes the skin, the 3X Sculpt Facial Tool comes with curved sides and edges that relieve built up tension and an ergonomic handle that is easy to use.

Ideal for:

One tool. Endless ways to sculpt and define.

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