Aromatherapy Shower Mist-Eucalyptus 69ml

REF: 56102

Product description:

Create your own aromatherapy steam shower at home. Made with pure organic eucalyptus essential oil, our aromatherapy shower mist helps to refresh and unwind the mind, body and spirit. It’s the perfect addition to your wellness regimen before or after workouts, yoga or massage.

Eucalyptus in steam rooms is a classic tradition. Unfortunately, in many steam rooms a low-cost synthetic eucalyptus can irritate the nasal passages and counter the essential healing benefits of natural Eucalyptus. Now you can create your own personal steam inhalation therapy with 100% pure, organic eucalyptus oil, traditionally used for respiratory health.

Spritz downward around shower walls before entering shower. Mist will rise with steam to transform your shower into a renewing aromatherapy experience! Spritz again as necessary.

Features & Specifications:

  • Certified Organic
  • Pure Essential Oil
  • Economical Concentrate
  • Convenient Spray Mist Bottle
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