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Product description:

EDEN is the modern reinterpretation of the göbektaşı, the renowned marble table used in Hammams. It draws inspiration from the roots of an ancient culture, offering a ritual of treatments that provide unique physical, sensory, and emotional experiences.

The EDEN professional treatment bed is the result of a modern and elegant design, specifically tailored for wet treatments. This versatile tool is ideal for a wide range of treatments, including gommage, savonage, mud treatments, and many other purifying, exfoliating, hydrating, reducing, and relaxing options.

One of the distinctive features of EDEN is its heated illuminated surface, which provides exceptional comfort during treatments. Additionally, the surface can be customized, creating a unique atmosphere for your clients. The height and inclination of the bed can be electronically adjusted, ensuring an optimal position for superior results.

EDEN offers an enveloping experience with its gentle waterfall of warm and cold jets, providing a delicate massage to the client’s body during treatments. The integrated showerhead with a mixer on the bed allows for easy cleaning of the surface and a refreshing final rinse.

The “atmosphere” lighting of EDEN creates a relaxing and customizable environment with selectable color cycles. Moreover, the integrated audio system diffuses pleasant musical tracks that accompany the treatments, creating a unique multisensory experience. The subtle aroma diffuser adds a final touch, spreading relaxing fragrances in the surrounding environment.

EDEN represents the pinnacle of innovation in the field of professional wet treatment beds. Its elegant design and advanced functionalities enable you to offer high-quality treatments with style and sophistication.

Choose EDEN to elevate the experience of your treatments to a higher level, leaving a lasting impression on your most discerning clients.

Features & Specifications:

  • Krion coating
  • Electric lift
  • LED lighting system for customizable color cycles
  • RGB synchronization via cable with other Iso Benessere equipment
  • Display for viewing data and setting customizable work parameters
  • Electronic adjustment for surface inclination for a better outflow of water and different types of treatment
  • Thermoregulated shower for washing worktops and customers at the end of the treatments
  • Electronic temperature control of the support surface
  • Water cascade with the possibility of regulating the temperature and intermittence between jets of hot/cold water
  • Headphones
  • Integrated Mp3 player with song storage on SD card
  • Input for external music source
  • 1 inflatable headrest pad
  • 1 low mattress for steam treatments
  • 10 cardboard sheets
  • 1 package of descaling product for the boiler
  • 1 pack of product for cleaning the steel tank
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