Facial Thai Herbal Compress 2pcs


Product description:

A facial treatment with herbal compresses leaves you with a rosy, glowing complexion and silky smooth skin. The special herbal mixture nourishes the tissue, increases the blood supply to tired, dry or sensitive skin and is a gentle exfoliater or peeling to remove dead cells.

tamarindus indica leaf, curcuma longa root, curcuma zedoaria root, calcium carbonate, citrus hystrix leaf, acacia concinna leaf, pandanus amaryllifolius leaf, coccinia grandis leaf, bauhinia acuminata leaf, aloe barbadensis leaf, citrus hystrix peel, camphor

Features & Specifications:

  • 80g of herbs per pouch
  • 100% naturally herbal
  • Contains no dyes, preservatives or additives.
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