Herbal Thai Body Compress 150g – 96pcs


Product description:

Herbal compresses have been used for centuries in Thailand in the traditional Thai massage and are used to reduce chronic complaints. They increase the circulation and the energy flow in the body, have a warming effect and help with sore muscles and all kinds of tension.

tamarindus indica leaf, curcuma longa root, curcuma zedoaria root, calcium carbonate, citrus hystrix leaf, acacia concinna leaf, pandanus amaryllifolius leaf, coccinia grandis leaf, bauhinia acuminata leaf, aloe barbadensis leaf, citrus hystrix peel, camphor

Features & Specifications:

  • Pack of 96pcs
  • 150g of herbs per pouch
  • 100% naturally herbal
  • Contains no dyes, preservatives or additives.
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