Luxe Kassa Spa Glove

REF: CO1154

Product description:

The Hammam Luxe Kassa Spa Glove has a good peeling quality rough tissue is composed of 70% viscose and 30% acetate. It is essential for a thorough scrub.

The peculiarity of the Hammam peeling glove Spa quality is:
– Its double seams extremely resistant and its softest fabric more respectful of the sensitive skins.
– Its new colour, far away from black, and closest to the oriental world.
– The small handle, transform the Hammam peeling glove Spa quality in a practical and stylish accessory for your bathroom.

A weekly scrub with the Hammam peeling glove is a simple gesture that contributes to the beauty of the body and gives a great feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Beauty advice : Wet the glove with warm water and then wring it. Make back and forth motions on your washed with Black Soap and rinsed skin.

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