Orion Crystal Singing Bowl 432Hz

REF: IP18194

Product description:

Clear Crystal Singing Bowl with a remarkable, Irridescent Sheen, tuned to F which triggers the Love and Health.

The unit for this is the Hertz (Hz). 432 Hz is the natural “tone pitch” of the universe. That tone is intertwined in nature, in mathematics, in planetary orbits, in the entire universe.

Not only are notes in the 432 Hz scale more pleasant to the ear, it also ensures a harmonious resonance of your entire ‘being’ with our planet and the universe. This natural resonance leads to a greater wellbeing of both body and mind.

Features & Specifications:

  • Includes Carrying bag
  • 2 rubbing sticks
  • 1 Rubber stability ring
  • 20cm Diameter
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