Peel’in 3D


Product description:

Peel’in 3D, exfoliate your skin with care and performance

With its cleansing technique based on ultrasonic nebulisation, coupled with a specific dermo-cosmetic, the Peel’in 3D has been made for intuitive, efficient use, and to be highly portable. In applying its high-tech, anti-ageing expertise in the creation of this device, Advance Beauty continues in its mission to design smart beauty equipment that deliver ever more beautiful, younger skin, and longer-lasting treatment effects. The use of ultrasound provides the customer with a safe, painless and effective treatment. This technology avoids any harsh action on skin with gentle treatments and the system’s best possible benefits. The intensity of the vibrations can be adapted to all skin types: thin, thick, sensitive, oily, dry, etc.

Best performance with ultrasonic exfoliation

The Peel’in 3D is an exfoliating spatula that emits ultra-fast vibrations (18,000 vibrations/second) of very low amplitude, which thus produces a spectacular effect on skin. This micronisation causes desquamation (elimination of dead cells), as well as the expulsion of impurities from pores, such as cosmetic residues and pollution. This expulsion guarantees a much smoother, brighter complexion with tightened pores. No other technique allows for such a gentle exfoliation. It gently and thoroughly cleanses, stimulating the skin’s surface, and its delicate action does not leave any redness. Ageing in health and beauty in just 10 minutes with results that last.

Features & Specifications:

  • Regenerates and improves appearance of skin
  • Desquamation and expulsion of impurities by micronisation
  • Reduces dilated pores and exfoliates blackheads
  • Significantly improves blemish-prone skin
  • Smooth wrinkles, fine lines via stimulation
  • Cleanses the deepest layers of the epidermis
  • Evens out the complexion
  • Brighter complexion
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