Pine Wood Massage Set 11pcs


Product description:

The Pine Wood Massage Set is the combination of ergonomically and aesthetically shaped Pine Wood Massage Tools.
Stabilizes the cardiovascular system, as well as having an antibacterial, fungicidal and antiseptic effect, stone pine offers the body optimal unwinding and relaxation. Ask for the protocols!

Features & Specifications:

  • Setof 11pcs includes:
  • 1 long massage stick 50cm x 3cm (larger muscles, fascia, deep tissue)
  • 1 medium massage stick 38cm x 3cm (larger muscles, fascia, deep tissue)
  • 2 thin massage sticks 38cm x 1.5cm (trigger, deep tissue)
  • 2 short massage sticks 16cm x 3cm (neck and neck area)
  • 4 half moons 20cm x 3cml (relaxation, deep tissue)
  • 1 stone pine hand flatterer set (triggering, selective work)
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