Portable Massage Table Light Rest

REF: CTMML-559025

Product description:

This is our extra light weight portable massage table. At 11Kg, the Light table is one of the lightest, mobile massage tables on the market. We have achieved the light weight of the massage bench with the light aluminum frame and an innovative construction in which a robust stretch fabric is used as the base. This also makes this table absolutely unbreakable. The VOYAGE set consists of a lounger, an adjustable ERGO headrest, an arm strap and a padded transport bag. Despite the many high-quality accessories, our set price is a real bargain!

The special feature of this mobile massage table is the adjustment of the working height. Similar to forearm crutches, simply press a button and set the exact working height individually using a hole pattern. The Clap Tzu team also recommends adding four outdoor feet to the massage table to ensure a secure footing on grass or sand.

Features & Specifications:

  • Very light weight
  • Quick height adjustment (locking buttons)
  • Useful accessories
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage
  • Lying surface: 184 x 70 cm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Padding: 65 mm, two layers
  • Load capacity: 240 kg
  • Weight: about 11kg
  • Colour: marina (blue), crema (beige)
  • Height adjustment: snap buttons
  • Working height: 60 81 cm
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