Pregnancy Massage Set

REF: CT311010

Product description:

This set has specially been put together for pregnancy massages. The abdomen and breasts in particular are extremely sensitive in pregnant women and require special support. The positioning set for pregnant women is designed precisely for these needs. Due to the many different upholstery elements, you as the treating person are very flexible. The positioning pillow for the stomach and chest area is deliberately separated in the middle so that the cavity for the stomach can adjust.

Features & Specifications:

  • Headrest padded collar
  • 2 arm pads (small wedge-shaped storage pads to prevent arms from slipping down)
  • 2 leg pads (can be connected with a Velcro device to form a wide positioning pad)
  • 2-part abdominal chest pad (can be adjusted by the separate elements)
  • Neck pad (is also the closure pad of the chest segment)
  • Individually adaptable
  • Support where it is needed
  • With transport backpack
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