Purple Water Shower Gel 295ml

REF: AL1050324

Product description:

Transform your shower routine into a luxurious experience with Asprey’s Shower Gel. Immerse yourself in the enchanting scent of Purple Water fragrance, as this indulgent gel envelops your senses.

The invigorating head notes of lemon, mandarin, and jacaranda awaken your senses, infusing your skin with a zesty burst of freshness. The heart notes of orange flower and basil add a touch of character, while the subtle hint of ginger brings an enticing spice to the proceedings.

Ideal for:

The gel’s base notes of vetiver root, pepper, and musk leave a lasting impression, creating an earthy, woody, and timeless depth.

Embrace the art of pampering and indulge in the sheer luxury that only Asprey can provide. Elevate your shower moments with the epitome of sophistication and indulgence.

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