Repair Hair Coco Oil Serum 100ml

REF: 1168

Product description:

Arganicare Coconut Hair Serum is formulated to strengthen and protect your hair, and keep the root and follicles healthy. Enriched with Argan and Coconut Oils, this serum maintains the correct moisture balance of the hair cuticle, helps promote growth, and strengthens hair by increasing its resistance to breakage. Its unique formulation improves the manageability of your hair and provides a healthy look and natural beauty, leaving hair silky soft, shiny and full of volume.
Directions for use: For daily use, apply a small amount of serum on wet hair, then blow-dry, style and brush your hair to evenly distribute the serum for a natural and healthy look. For nourishing care, apply a generous amount of serum and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing with water

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