Tibetan Singing Bowl Set 3 Sizes


Product description:

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set handmade according to traditional methods. Handcrafted singing bowls are “driven” out of a large casting block using hammers until they reach their final shape.
The singing bowls have a warm, full and lasting sound and are often used for relaxation. Typical applications include meditation, yoga exercises, sound therapy and sound massages.

Features & Specifications:

  • Ø 10-11 cm | Weight approx. 325 g
  • Ø 15 cm | Weight approx. 780 g
  • Ø 19 cm | Weight approx. 1000 g
  • 3 Wooden strikers
  • 3 Singing bowl cushions
  • 1 Felt mallet | ca. Ø 5 x 32 cm
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