Tibetan Singing Bowl Set 7pcs


Product description:

The Singing Bowls have a warm, full and lasting sound and are often used for relaxation. Typical applications include meditation, yoga exercises, sound therapy and sound massages.

Each of the seven singing bowls has a slightly different tone. The set is therefore very suitable for sound massage or chakra sound therapy. You can also use the singing bowls for the relaxation phase in yoga or relaxing sound journeys. The Tibetan singing bowl set comes with a striker and a matching pad for each bowl.

Features & Specifications:

  • Ø 10 cm | height approx. 5.25 cm
  • Ø 10,5 cm | height approx. 5.5 cm
  • Ø 11,25 cm | height approx..6 cm
  • Ø 12 cm | height approx. 6,5 cm
  • Ø 12,5 cm | height approx. 6,.5 cm
  • Ø 13,5 cm | height approx. 7 cm
  • Ø 14 cm | height approx. 7.25 cm
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