Tiger Eye Gua Sha Lift


Product description:

Our Gua Sha Signature Lift in Tiger Eye is a unique design created by Roll On Jade that will allow you to effectively take care of your face, neck and décolleté. Thanks to its unique elongated lines that fit perfectly on the face, you can smooth your face and your neck, thanks to its V you can effectively sculpt your oval, double chin and cheekbones and thanks to its tip you can sculpt your eyebrow line and stimulate certain energy points for example.

Features & Specifications:

  • 100% Natural Tiger Eye Stone
  • Sculpts and efficiently tones the face
  • Deeply drains
  • Easy to handle and suits all faces
  • Not chemically treated and unmixed
  • Dimensions 10x3cm
  • Purified & Recharged with energies before dispatch

Ideal for:

Tiger’s Eye is a healing, harmonizing and balancing stone for the body. It eliminates tension and pain. It is a protective shield stone as it acts like a boomerang and reflects negative energy back to its emitter. Harmonizes yin and yang. Removes discomfort and restores creativity.

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