VIP 7-Second Luxury All-Day Mask™ – 18 Pack


Product description:

7-Second Luxury All-Day Mask™ VIP is a 7-in‐1 beauty innovation that combines the ultimate 7-step skincare routine into one easy-to-use, super-charged mask pad to deliver instantly fresh and dewy-looking skin owithin seconds! Use when your regular skin care routine won’t do the job or when you’re short on time and need to prep for a special event.

Features & Specifications:

  • 7-in-1 advanced skincare solution for busy lifestyles: Massage | Exfoliator | Toner | Serum | Moisturizer | Mask | Makeup Primer.
  • Travelofriendly & portable mask pad thanks to the individually-packed sachets, which assures instantly dewy-looking skin, whenever and wherever you are.
  • The multitasking easyn-the-go mask pad slims down your skincare routine without sacrificing results.
  • Each mask is infused with Kudzu Root (66%), known as the “Forever Young Plant” that helps visibly combat signsof aging by reducing the appearanceof wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet.
  • The Kudzu-based formula is enriched with premium ingredients such as Cranberry, loaded with antioxidants to protect cells form environmental stressors, and Grape Seed Extract to soften and smooth the skin.
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