VIP The Gold Mask™ Hand


Product description:

Wrap your hands in gold for the most luxurious hand treatment ever. The Gold Mask™ foil gloves contain two layers oan inner layer soaked in a Bulgarian Rose based formula enriched with pure Shea Butter and Rose Hip oil, and an outer protective foil layer which creates an intense warming effect to maximize absorption. Revitalize, smooth and nourish even the roughest hands and cuticles in just 15 min.

Features & Specifications:

  • The self-warming double-layer technology locks in natural body heat to maximize ingredient absorption.
  • The non-water based formulas have a baseof botanical extracts and higher concentrationsof vitamins and antioxidants to intensify its benefits, and unlike most water based skincare products, prevent the formulation from diluting and losing efficacy.
  • Contains Bulgarian Rose water (83%), known for its intensely nourishing, hydrating, and restorative skin benefits.
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