Dermalux– a natural path to a glowing you.


We’ve all been there– uncomfortable breakouts that leave skin feeling bumpy, scarred, or discolored. 

You might’ve spent hours researching the latest creams and treatments, but none seem to leave your skin with the illustrious glow you’re looking for. If that resonates with you, it probably sounds all too familiar to your clients too! 

We’re all looking for natural, virtually painless ways to make our skin more youthful and full of life. We nostalgically remember the days of glowing, vibrant skin. But, who’s to say we can’t have that now? 

Dermalux LED Phototherapy may be just the solution you (and your clients) have been searching for. 

A non-invasive, pain-free treatment, Dermalux Phototherapy accelerates the skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair process. With no downtime, this treatment has quickly become a highly sought-after service. 

We’re probably used to hearing, “Don’t forget sunblock! Light rays age your skin.” While that’s too true for some versions of light, it’s untrue for others. Certain light exposures help our body produce more Vitamin D, serotonin and increase cell and collagen growth.


How does Dermalux work?


Our skin can absorb light energy and use it to accelerate and control important cell processes. 

LED therapy targets specific therapeutic light energy that stimulates cells– which can increase cell regeneration time by 200%! 

It delivers the highest quality LEDs, each at a specific wavelength, dose, and intensity. By using three separate wavelengths, it increases the effectiveness decreasing treatment times!


Which wavelengths are used and why? 


LED Red– energizes cells to accelerate renewal, Red light helps boost collagen and elasticity while evening out the softening skin tones.

LED Blue– the calming, soothing agent, Blue light acts as an antibacterial and improves skin clarity.

Near Infrared- calms redness and skin irritation, the Near Infrared light encourages anti-aging and decreases inflammation.


What does treatment look like?

A medically approved and FDA approved, LED Phototherapy is safe and pain-free. Sit back and enjoy some much-needed downtime as its gentle warmth radiates around you. 

Individual treatments last around 30 minutes and require no downtime– leaving your skin looking fresh and glowy. Say goodbye to the red-faced, peeling traditional treatments!

We generally recommend 12 sessions to see the greatest results. Whether you’re adding Phototherapy to your monthly facial to enjoying standalone treatments, each session will leave skin refreshed and radiating.


Leading and Innovative Products


Tri-Wave MD ushered in a new era of LED Phototherapy, pushing the boundaries of what’s already been done before. 

According to Dermalux LED, the Tri-Wave MD produces, “maximum power via breakthrough targeted ceramic light technology, this is the ultimate medically certified and FDA-cleared LED device for skin care professionals who want to deliver fast, unrivaled results for a wide range of indications.”

Unlike its predecessors, it uses the most clinically proven wavelengths, offers a zero-gravity arm for versatile positioning, and includes an integrated cooling system and upgradeable software.

Why settle for anything less than the best?

The Compact Lite LED Phototherapy device is regarded as one of the most versatile devices with its easy-to-use tabletop framework, which can easily be used to treat clients in a bed or chair. Like Tri-Wave, Compact Lite also uses clinically proven wavelengths to target the face or body. 

This concept drives profitability with its easy-to-integrate treatment which requires minimal hands-on time. 

Flex MD, a certified medical device, is acclaimed as the most powerful portable LED system in the world and offers 7 single and multi-wavelength treatment modes. Portable and multi-functional, Flex MD ensures optimal treatment delivery with its sturdy base structure. 

Whether you’re looking for a full-scale LED Phototherapy device or looking to offer an additional service to your clients in a more cost-effective manner, Spa Supply Solutions is happy to assist you in your search. 


About Spa Supply Solutions


Spa Supply Solutions is a global leader in the procurement and supply for the Wellness & Spa industry. Dedicated to providing white-glove customer service and exceptionally recognized products, our team of wellness experts is ready to help your team craft an exquisite experience for your customers. 

We’re dedicated to wellness in all forms– our team works closely with organizations and certification programs to help offset our CO2 impact by partnering with local agricultural companies. If you’re interested in talking to one of our wellness experts about our leading phototherapy devices or any of our other products, please reach out!


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