Product description:

The Amor Thermal Bed is the perfect choice for those looking to provide high-quality treatments in their spa or esthetic center. With its cutting-edge technology, this bed offers multiple possibilities, including steam baths, Scottish showers, customizable color cycles, music, and aromas.

With the Amor Thermal Bed, a wide range of treatments can be performed, such as steam baths, mud treatments, stone therapy, seaweed wraps, clay treatments, exfoliation, savonage, Scottish showers, scrubs, as well as draining and slimming protocols. Each treatment can be accompanied by music and aromas to create a unique sensory experience for clients.

The Amor bed ensures exceptional comfort with its adjustable anatomical support system divided into three zones. The electronic control allows for customization of the client’s experience, including the backrest, steam cycles, temperature, and all other functions. The hypoallergenic mattress guarantees maximum stability during treatments, providing a comfortable and secure environment.

Featuring a Scottish shower with alternating hot and cold jets, the Amor Bed offers a stimulating and refreshing effect. The removable vapor cap makes cleaning and maintenance easy and convenient. The stainless steel tub with thermostatic shower allows for effective rinsing and quick cleaning of the surface, ensuring maximum hygiene.

The “atmosphere” lighting with customizable color cycles creates a relaxing and pleasant ambiance. The color cycles can be synchronized with other Iso Benessere equipment for a harmonious and holistic experience. The integrated audio system allows for the diffusion of music to further enhance relaxation and well-being for clients. The aroma diffuser completes the sensory experience, enveloping clients in delicate and pleasant scents.

The Amor Thermal Bed is also available with electric lifting capability, allowing for personalized height adjustments to meet the diverse needs of clients.

Choose the Amor Thermal Bed to offer a superior wellness and relaxation experience to your clients. With its advanced technology and multiple functionalities, this bed represents the ideal solution for establishments seeking maximum comfort and excellent treatment results.

Features & Specifications:

  • Krion coating
  • LED lighting system for customizable color cycles
  • RGB synchronization via cable with other Iso Benessere equipment
  • Display for viewing data and setting customizable work parameters
  • Reclining worktop, on three zones, in different positions with electrically operated backrest
  • Boiler cleaning control and warning system
  • Thermoregulated shower for cleaning worktops and rinsing customers at the end of treatments
  • Steam bath with time and temperature control
  • Headphones
  • Integrated MP3 player with song storage on SD memory
  • Input for external music source
  • 1 closing hood for steam in heat-washable and reusable plastic material;
  • 1 inflatable headrest pad;
  • 1 mat for steam treatments;
  • 10 cardboard sheets;
  • 1 package of descaler for the boiler;
  • 1 pack of product for cleaning the steel tank
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