Blackout Padded Buffer 120/240

REF: IC6023054

Product description:

The Blackout Buffer is a black sponge file with a grit of 120/240. A buffer is a thicker file that feels like a sponge to the touch, meaning it absorbs and controls the pressure applied during filing. Consequently, this type of file is gentler on the surface.

The 120 grit of the blackout buffer is suitable for reducing the thickness and length of sculpted nails and for scratching the natural nail plate when attaching tips. As it is a sponge, it absorbs the friction heat that can occur during filing. In case of heat due to friction, the client may complain of discomfort caused by heat. This typically happens when using a file that is either too old or when exerting too much pressure during filing. When the contact surface is almost entirely covered, you can switch to the 240 grit, thus reducing the risk of filing the natural nail with a file that is too abrasive.

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