Boiance Face Cushion and Quick Lock Platform Set


Product description:

With internal water spheres, the Boiance Cushion puts less pressure on the sinuses, creating a more pleasant experience for your client. When combined with the QuickLock Face Rest Platform, you will have the ultimate in head rest support, comfort, and flexibility.

Features & Specifications:

  • Less pressure on the sinuses than foam face rests
  • Water spheresoffer a senseof buoyancy
  • Multi-layer padding for comfortable support
  • Available in any TerraTouch color
  • The QuickLock™ adjustable Face Rest features virtually unlimited positioning through fast, simple adjustments.
  • OAKWORKS platforms have an 8 inch center line measurement that fit in all Oakworks tables.
  • Boiance Face Cushion:
  • Dimensions: 11″ round, 4″ tall
  • Foam: Multi-Layer with water spheres incorporated
  • Fabric: TerraTouch
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