Product description:

The MUSA professional bed represents a versatile and high-quality solution for wellness professionals such as massage therapists, estheticians, physiotherapists, and relaxation practitioners.

Characterized by a modern and elegant design, this bed is designed to provide a superior treatment experience. With its 4 motors, it allows for electronic adjustment of the bed’s height, mattress tilt for lifting the platform, as well as the inclination of the backrest and legs. This flexibility enables the bed to be adapted to the diverse needs of both the professional and the client, ensuring an optimal position during treatments.

The comfortable PU and vinyl mattress, in a delicate ivory color, provides comfortable support during treatments. Additionally, the bed is equipped with a facial hole to allow the client to relax comfortably in a prone position during facial treatments. The base of the bed is made of high-quality wood, worked with an open pore, providing superior strength and durability.

The design of the MUSA bed also takes into consideration the practical needs of the professional. The base is equipped with compartments specifically designed to accommodate equipment, towels, and all the necessary materials during treatments. This organizational system allows for everything to be within reach, enhancing the efficiency of the professional during work sessions.

MUSA represents the ideal choice for those who wish to offer a high-quality treatment experience. With its modern design, advanced functionality, and premium materials, this bed stands out for its versatility and reliability. Choose the MUSA bed and provide your clients with an unforgettable treatment experience.

Features & Specifications:

  • Electronic leg adjustmen
  • Mattress in PU and ivory colored vinyl with facial hole
  • Remote control for movement management
  • Shelves for equipment and towel
  • LED lighting system for customizable colorcycles
  • 4 motors for lifting the bed and adjusting the backrest
  • Wire pedal for electronic control of the height of the bed
  • Remote control for independent management of the system of customizable color cycles
  • Movable worktop with full mattress, reclining on three zones in the longitudinal direction, electronically adjustable height and inclinations. Manual arm supports
  • Pull-out drawer with 2 open compartments
  • RGB synchronization via cable with other equipment of the ISO Italia Group line
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