Product description:

The professional PANACEA bed exploit all the therapeutic properties of warm sand, offering a unique experience for massages and treatments such as anti-cellulite, detoxifying, revitalizing, muscle-relaxing, slimming, draining, exfoliating, and pure relaxation moments.

This captivatingly designed bed features pure quartz sand grains and a heating system that allows you to benefit from the classic sand therapy, ideal for relaxing muscle and nerve tensions. Crafted with top-quality materials, the Panacea bed offers electronic control of its functions, “atmosphere” lighting with customizable color cycles (synchronized with other Iso Benessere equipment), an audio system for music diffusion, and an aroma diffuser.

Additionally, it is available with electric lifting for customizable height adjustments and a cushion for the prone position, making the Panacea bed exceptionally versatile. The sand can be replaced with Himalayan pink salt or a water mattress, completely transforming the bed’s functionalities and work protocols.

PANACEA WITH HIMALAYAN PINK SALT has the ability to rebalance the body. Completely natural and free from additives or pollutants, Himalayan salt is rich in natural substances with a high bioenergetic value. It contains all the necessary minerals and trace elements for the body. The warmth and micro-pressure applied by the salt grains promote interaction with the client, relaxing muscle tension, strengthening the immune system, combating fluid retention, and helping to address potential skin issues.

PANACEA WITH WATER MATTRESS is ideal for rebalancing, muscle-relaxing, draining, rejuvenating, and aesthetic treatments, as well as relaxation moments. The special hypoallergenic PU water mattress ensures maximum stability and generates micro-waves with every movement, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation.

Experience the therapeutic power of the professional Panacea bed and offer your clients a unique treatment experience. Its versatility, refined design, and advanced features will establish your center as a reference point in the wellness and body care industry.

Features & Specifications:

  • LED lighting system for customizable color cycles
  • RGB synchronization via cable with other Iso Benessere equipment
  • Display for viewing data and setting customizable work parameters
  • Electronic control of the temperature of the support surface
  • Electronic chronothermostat for programmed switching on of the heating system
  • Headphones
  • Integrated Mp3 player with song storage on SD memory
  • Input for external music source
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