Centrun Evo

REF: L1329

Product description:

Centrun EVO is a versatile solution for beauty & spa environments, striking a perfect balance between functionality and design. The mattress, with its innovative Anti-Stress HBS System, rests on an elegant curved wooden base, distinguished by the presence of a central column. Equipped with three independent adjustments for height, backrest, and leg rest, it ensures maximum comfort for both the client and the operator.

Centrun Evo stands out for the presence of an elegant central column with wooden finishes, whose clean lines with rounded edges make the bed suitable for multiple spa environment solutions. The solid structure ensures maximum support and total safety during movement, allowing the operator to adjust the bed in height as needed, from 58 cm up to 85 cm, while ensuring total relaxation for the client.

The table has two armrests that are fully adjustable by means of a gas spring and an inclination-adjustable head, equipped with a face hole with removable pad. This system is called “HBS (Head Back Shoulder) Stress Relief System” and offers perfect ergonomics for the head, back and shoulders. It lowers the arms aligning the spine and opening the scapula for a deeper, more therapeutic massage experience.

The bed is equipped with a fully electric adjustment. Through the standard FOOT PEDAL CONTROL, it has a clean, essential, and ergonomic design. In addition to the classic HEIGHT, BACK, and LEG movements, it features the AUT (flat and minimum height) and END (“end of treatment”) functions. It also has 2 MEMORY functions to easily and quickly adjust the chair by simply pressing a button.

Features & Specifications:

  • 3 electric motors for height, backrest and legrest adjustment
  • Standard pedal control with 2 options for MEMORY function
  • Automatic return from any position to zero position (flat and minimum height)
  • “End of treatment” position
  • Curved wood base with central column and steel details
  • Mattress with HBS Stress Relief System which provides perfect ergonomics for client’s head, back and shoulders
  • Fire resistant “Azo” free, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal covering
  • Multifunctional solution, maximum customer / operator comfort
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Dimensions: 202 × 74 × 58/85 cm

Ideal for:

Massages, face and body treatments, hair removal, treatments with aesthetic equipment.

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