Flexa-Cover™ Protective Table Cover for Salon Tops


Product description:

The Flexa-Cover™ is made with disinfectable chemical and water resistant, 100% PU material with minimal stitching and medical grade thread. Available for round and squared corner tops.
The patent pending Flexa-Cover features hinge gussets designed to allow your protective cover to flex with the movement of your salon top. Minimize our cleaning bill by conveniently placing your table warmer or fleece pad underneath the disinfectable cover. Sewn eyelets allow easy insertion of your facecradle platform. Available in Natursoft; and in EPA registered, Anti-Microbial Medical Grade Ultraleather Pro.
Available in 30″ and 32″ sizes. Specify round or square corner version for a perfect fit.

Features & Specifications:

  • Disinfectable to CDC standards : Disinfectable 100% PU and Rayon backed water and chemical resistant material. Minimal Stitching with medical grade thread. (Follow care instructions to maximize lifeof the fabric).
  • Patent Pending Flexa-Cover : Tailored perfectly to fit your Salon table. Patent pending gussets allow the cover to stretch with the articulating top. Deep pocketed for today&’s generous cushioning systems.
  • Minimizes Laundry : Warmer and fleece fit neatly underneath the protective cover to minimize laundry requirements.
  • Easy to Install : Simply stretch the fitted cover over your existing table and table warmer, latch the gusset pockets onto the cornersof your hinge points. And it is ready to protect.
  • Good for the Environment: Our fabrics are bio-degradable, BPA and PVC free. They contain no Phthalates or Plasticizers. Hypo-Allergenic.
  • Available in Anti-Microbial Ultraleather Pro. For EPA registered, anti-microbial protection, try our medical grade Ultraleather Pro fabric.
  • Made in USA: From components source globally.
  • => Please consider our Professional Table Covers for regular tops (flat and tilt version available).
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