Flexa-Cover™ Protective Table Cover – NEW


Product description:

Minimize your cleaning bill by conveniently placing your table warmer or Fleece pad underneath the disinfectable cover. Sewn eyelets allow easy insertion of your face cradle platform. Fits both 30” and 32” width tables with round or square corners.

Features & Specifications:

  • Protect Your Treatment Table
  • Disinfectable, water and chemical-resistant 100% PU Natursoft™ material (available in Marie’s Beige and Black) provides extra protection and easy cleaning.
  • Flexes With Salon Tops And Facial Tilts
  • The proprietary Stay-Put™ design features adjustable straps and corner gussets to hold the Flexa-Cover in place when articulating your salon or facial tilt top.
  • Fits Plush Spa Mattresses
  • Fits both square and round corner tops snugly.
  • Minimizes Laundry
  • Warmer and Fleece fit neatly underneath the protective cover to minimize laundry requirements.
  • Sewn Facecradle Eyelets
  • Allows perfect access for the platform and facecradle, fits most major brands.
  • Easy To Install
  • Simply stretch the Fitted cover over your 30” or 32” existing table and table warmer, and adjust and tighten the corner straps.
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