Gua Sha Pro Lift


Product description:

The Gua Sha is an “ancestral beauty secret” tool once reserved for the Chinese upper class. Considered as a benchmark “natural lifting” tool offering a deep smoothing and sculpting massage. Our Gua Sha Pro Lift in Green Aventurine in the shape of a V, extremely easy to grip, will allow you to smooth and sculpt your face in depth, in particular at the level of the oval of the face and the cheekbones due to its ideal shape, for a naturally sculpted face, luminous and detoxified skin.

Features & Specifications:

  • 100% Natural Green Aventurine Stone
  • Not chemically treated and unmixed Sculpts, lifts & tightens the skin
  • Deeply massages skin tissues
  • Drains effectively
  • Dimensions: 9×4.5cm

Ideal for:

Green Aventurine is a stone of zenitude! Very anti-stress, it helps to develop self-control. It helps to give new ideas while inviting compassion and tolerance for others. It also helps to make the right choices. It is the most recognized anti-blemish stone, it helps to fight against acne, acneic micro-cysts, excessive sebum secretions and improves skin texture in general. She calms and soothes.
All of our tools are purified/recharged with energies before dispatch.

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