Halo Crystal


Product description:

HALO CRYSTAL combines the most modern heating technologies with the healthy properties of Himalayan salt.

A tempered glass cube that contains pure Himalayan salt with an internal heating system capable of heating up to 25m2, a ventilation system to filter the air and an RGB LED lighting system with customizable color cycles.

The sophisticated high-power color cycle regulation system allows you to choose the color cycles, personalizing them to enhance the surrounding environment by highlighting the Himalayan salt in an exciting and suggestive atmosphere.
HALO CRYSTAL can be placed in any environment as an additional heating system capable of purifying and ionizing the air, with reduced energy consumption.

The Himalayan salt crossed by the air reduces the concentration of molds and bacteria, limiting electrosmog making the environment in which it is positioned healthier.

HALO CRYSTAL is built without the use of adhesives or chemicals, it is easy to transport thanks to the practical wheels, it is extremely easy to use and combines well-being and design in a unique, innovative and healthy product.

Features & Specifications:

  • LED lighting system for customizable color cycles
  • Digital thermoregulator for setting and controlling the temperature
  • Ventilation system for air filter function
  • Remote control for independent management of the system of customizable color cycles
  • RGB synchronization via cable with other equipment of the ISO Italia Group line
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