Vertical/Horizontal Pink Salt


Product description:

The retroilluminated Himalayan salt walls offered by Iso Benessere are an extraordinary option for those seeking a unique and beneficial design element for their environment. By combining the healthful properties of Himalayan salt with customizable color cycles, these walls present an innovative solution to enhance the well-being and aesthetics of your spaces.

Crafted with high-quality bricks of Himalayan salt, retroilluminated by a sophisticated LED lighting system, these walls provide a delightful and relaxing visual experience. The customizable color cycles enable the creation of the desired atmosphere, whether it be for a relaxing environment, a study area, or a wellness center.

Himalayan salt is renowned for its numerous beneficial properties. This pure salt contains essential minerals that can help combat nervousness, insomnia, and concentration disorders. Moreover, Himalayan salt has the ability to neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequencies, contributing to a healthier environment. The salt positively charges water molecules present in the air, thereby improving the air quality we breathe.

The salt walls proposed by Iso Benessere are designed to be easy to install in any environment. Additionally, they require no special maintenance and are easy to clean. Should you wish to relocate them to another room, they can be easily removed.

Available in various installation options, such as linear or Roman-style, and in different dimensions, such as 40x190cm or 60x190cm, these walls effortlessly adapt to your needs and space style.

The retroilluminated Himalayan salt walls proposed by Iso Benessere represent an elegant and healthful choice to enrich your environment. Harness the benefits of Himalayan salt and create a unique and personalized atmosphere for your daily well-being.

Features & Specifications:

  • High power LED lighting system with color cycle management
  • RGB synchronization via cable with other Iso Benessere equipment
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