VIR-AVOID™ Protective Table and Face Cradle Cover


Product description:

These cost-effective covers will extend the life of your upholstery, fleece, face pillow and warmer. The table cover fits most standard treatment tables up to 35” and face pillow cover fits up to 4″ cushions. Available as a Set with table cover and face pillow cover or the face pillow cover alone.

Easy to Disinfect Protective Cover: The stretchy polyester cover with 100% PU top coating provides an easy to disinfect protective barrier. Eliminates need to wash fleece pad and warmer after each use.
Water-Proof and Chemical Resistant: 100% PU coated material protects your table from pathogens, moisture, and harsh chemicals. Use your preferred disinfectant.
Soft, Quiet, Hypo-Allergenic: Our stretchy 100% polyester jersey base layer makes the Vir-Avoid cover soft to the touch, cool, and quiet. Hypo-allergenic. Phthalate free.
Complete Fitted Set: Includes both fitted table and crescent cushion covers. Quality stitching and elastic seaming provides a snug fit for treatment tables up to 35” wide.

Cleaning Instructions:
For Normal Care: Wash in hot or cold water, and tumble dry low.
For Disinfecting and Tough Stains: We recommend a 1:10 bleach/water-based solution. Avoid saturating or soaking the fabric with cleaner or disinfectant. Rinse with clean water after exposure to eliminate residue and gently dry with a soft cloth.

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