Living Earth Crafts–An Exceptional Spa Experience.


Living Earth Crafts is a luxury spa equipment brand dedicated to leading the way in true product innovation through its sustainable manufacturing, comfort, function, and style. With their profound respect for the environment, they’ve successfully offset their carbon footprint with their tree planning initiatives.

Not only are they a sustainable brand of choice, but they offer unrivaled bespoke designs, practical features for therapists, and incomparable comfort for guests.


Sustainability as a Guiding Principle

Since 1973, Living Earth Crafts has done its best to create delicate and mindful processes aimed at using farmed and renewable wood sources from regulated forests. 

Not only that, but they exceed Cal OSHA safety and emissions standards, which happen to be some of the toughest in the world. LEC works with organizations like Trees for the Future®, Sustainable Harvest®, the Green Spa Network®, and the Red Cross® to further their impact.


The Living Earth Crafts Legacy

LEC is one of the world’s most notable and recognized manufacturers of luxury spa and wellness equipment. They continually exceed expectations by marrying innovation and function. 

Each piece of equipment is designed to deliver an exceptional spa experience for both the therapist and the client– furthering their mission to “Heal Humanity Through Touch™.”

Sold in almost 200 countries, LEC equipment is renowned for its unparalleled design and quality. With over 14,500 products available, they’re sure to offer you a 5-star product that fits your space and vision.

Let’s get into their most notable, albeit desirable spa and wellness products! ?


Treatment Tables

For 50 years, Living Earth Crafts has been the top choice for 5-star spas and resorts. 

Their treatment tables are handcrafted and built to order in their factory in California. From massage tables to Wet/Dry and Medical Chairs, each piece offers client comfort unlike any other. 

Nothing ensures repeat customers and unrivaled client experience like LEC’s state-of-the-art, comfort-driven equipment.




Manicure and Pedicure Stations

Create an awe-inspiring, luxurious atmosphere with high-end, quality manicure and pedicure equipment. Made from the finest materials and on-trend designs, each product will impress your clients and leave them with a world-class experience. 

Each piece is precision-crafted, and designed to fit the various needs of each professional. With plenty of storage space and exceptional lighting, each manicure station delivers an experience like never before.



Relaxation and Recovery

You’ll find a wide selection of curated relaxation and recovery equipment, designed to fit perfectly in your post or pre-massage lounging areas. 

Unique, zero-gravity designs help with spinal decompression and muscle relaxation, leaving clients feeling complete tranquility and peace. An electric control panel offers customizable positioning with quiet and smooth adjustments.



Experience the Exceptional Spa Supply Solutions

Whether you’re looking to create an atmosphere of bespoke luxury or unrivaled comfort, our team is ready to help you bring your vision to life. Dedicated to bringing ease to sustainability, we do our part to offset CO2 emissions by partnering with local agricultural communities and working with vendors like Living Earth Crafts who understand the importance of respecting the environment and the role we all play in maintaining it.

Who are we?

Spa Supply Solutions is a global leader in procurement and supply for the Wellness & Spa industry. Dedicated to providing white-glove customer service and exceptionally recognized products, our team of wellness experts is ready to help your team craft an exquisite experience for your customers. 

We’re dedicated to wellness in all forms– our team works closely with organizations and certification programs to help offset our CO2 impact by partnering with local agricultural companies. If you’re interested in talking to one of our wellness experts about our leading phototherapy devices or any of our other products, please reach out!


Experience the Highest Standard in Luxury, Comfort, and Style with Spa Supply Solutions.

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