Warmed Pink Salt


Product description:

WARMED PINK SALT is the salt wall that combines the benefits of heat with the healthy properties of Himalayan salt and color cycles.

A wall made of backlit bricks of pure Himalayan salt, equipped with a powerful infrared heating system, capable of activating the hygroscopic properties of the salt, heating the environment and ionizing the air.

WARMED PINK SALT is a pleasant, healthy, innovative heat source with an exciting design. Thermal rays heat the salt bricks in a healthy and natural way, without consuming oxygen or moving harmful dust. The heated salt absorbs and captures the water particles contained in the air, retaining them together with the impurities and releasing the natural micro-trace elements contained in the Himalayan salt. Once the set temperature is reached, the heat is maintained for a long time.

WARMED PINK SALT is easy to install, has a total size of only 12cm, is self-ventilated and requires minimal maintenance. On the back of the brick columns there is an elaborate LED lighting system which allows you to start relaxing cycles of colour, which can be managed by the remote control and synchronized with the other Iso Benessere equipment.

Available with linear or Roman laying.

Features & Specifications:

  • LED lighting system for customizable color cycles
  • Ventilation system for air filter function
  • Digital thermoregulator for setting and controlling the temperature
  • RGB synchronization via cable with other equipment of the ISO Italia Group line
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